Indian National Congress under the leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh will win and form the next government in Punjab’ asserted Mr. Tejinder Singh Gill, Senior Vice-President of Indian National Overseas Congress, USA who is on the ground in Punjab and campaigning for various Congress party candidates.

‘Akalis are not a big factor in this election, and the people of Punjab are yearning for change, and the change is about to happen,’ a confident Mr. Gill spoke over the phone from Sultanpur Lodhi where he is campaigning for the Congress candidate Navtej Cheema. ‘AAP may win few seats in the Malwa region, but the Congress Party will not be denied this time around. Looking at the recent polls and directly interacting with the people on the ground, I have come to the conclusion that Congress victory on March 11 is a foregone conclusion’ a self-assured Mr. T. J. Gill affirmed.

Mr. Gill has also campaigned with other Congress party workers in Kapurthala and Tanda, constituencies of Rana Gurjit and Sankar Singh Gilzian.

Mr. Mohinder Singh Gilzian, President of Indian National Overseas Congress, USA has been in Punjab for past two months campaigning actively for various Congress candidates contesting the election that is scheduled to be on February 4, 2017.

“According to the latest poll, 61% of the people favor the Congress Party and would like to return them to power’ Mr. Gilzian said.  ‘People are simply fed up of the Akali Dal and they are heeding the call of  Captain Amarinder Singh to bring the old glory back to Punjab.  There is tremendous enthusiasm among the Congress cadre, and it will catapult the party to a great victory’ Mr. Gilzian asserted as he just concluded a campaign rally together with Navjot Singh Sindhu and Sankar Singh Gilzian.