Vijay Singh

New Delhi

Imagine the freedom of getting into your car and driving from your driveway to the hangar at the airport and getting your Airplane ready for departure on the current usable Runway.

This is a reality in the General Aviation structure in the USA today.

To understand this, we need to greatly appreciate the pioneers and the free thinking sprit of great men and women who have, and continue to  work hard endlessly, for keeping this part of general aviation moving forward for all of us, resulting in tremendous joy, fun and the freedom to be able to fly and take to the sky.

Surely this cannot only be a matter of just money, then what are the other main components for making this happen in other countries, more specifically our mother land India.

To list just a few points, which we need to deeply reflect on:

A proactive forward looking vision, that looks to problem solving rather  than more and more cumbersome and unrealistic rules and regulations, which hamper and discourage the process, the vision, and the achievability of already achieved norms in the world.

A comprehensive and continuous program to keep up with the likes of FAA in the USA, and other contributing and engaged world agencies. A  global working understanding of General aviation needs and requirements, that have real time meaning-full applications ( such as in the USA).

A body to form realistic General aviation guidelines, with professional expertise.

Digitalizing, resulting in weeding out duplicity, the outdated and not required, streamlining, bringing clarity, resulting in meaningful  realistic guide-lines, blending into each next step of  achievement in the world general aviation, for the aspirant.

*A more than exists working relationship with the FAA. Along-with, an on-going  dialogue and relationship with  organizations like: LSA/USUA/LAA/EAA/SSA and other  general aviation related world organizations.

A thorough safety and training program.

Opening of Airports, establishing FBO’S ,with professionally staffed CFI’s, Mechanics , Operations crew and airport attendants.

Opening up the waterways  and water bodies for amphibian operations.

Reviving and revitalizing the Glider/Soaring programs.

Granting of licenses to the worthy, rather that trapping them in a mess of beaurucratic webs.

By simply parceling out small piecemeal add ones, which in the long run do not measure up , and always keep us behind the cutting edge, cause more delays rather than reaching the potential and the true freedom of open skies for our citizens.

India needs to move creatively and effectively to keep up, as China is moving ahead full steam and have recently manufactured and unveiled a large amphibious aircraft AG600.

Steps such as open skies, single window access, some relaxations of regulations, are a few steps in the right direction , but do not suffice if India has to become a real player in the global general aviation world society.

However, “it is the bridging of this gap” ,  when viewed as an opportunity, that also makes India a great potential for investing in it’s general and various other aviation sectors,  and giving wings to people to be able to fly and  reach for the sky.

So come my fellow aviators, come and make and invests in this most lucrative aviation sector opportunity in India.

India awaits you.

*( FAA–Federal Aviation Administration USA, LSA–Light sports Association, USUA–The Ultra-light and Light Sports Aircraft Association in the USA,  EAA–Experimental Aircraft Association, SSA– Soaring Society of America)


  1. Sir, what a convenience this vision offers when it would be possible to move from drive way to runway. Surely it will come one day. We also need thoughtful practical solutions for real world problems of our teeming millions bordering almost a billion who do not have even basic amenities in life. Look forward to your views.
    Best regards

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