The 2nd Indie Meme Film Festival will embark on Thursday, 20th April in Austin. After receiving immense response from the audience, this year, Indie Meme has geared up with a bouquet made of exquisitely chosen 15 features, documentaries and short films.

It will be an emotional journey for you to the nook and corners of South East Asia, something worth traversing.

The journey started off by a film connoisseur Alka Bhanot, the founder and co-organizer of Indie Meme Film Festival. Her intense desire to watch unconventional and rare films on the US soil has been transformed into today’s Indie Meme.

Her efforts got encouragement from a community of likeminded people, who also wanted not just to watch such films but also to create a platform where they can share the experience with the right mass.

They also wanted to encourage independent film makers, who make thought provoking films on issues that would spur your mind. The festival spotlights on the films of India, Pakistan, Iran, Nepal and Afghanistan.

Over the years, the film festivals are gaining popularity all over the United States. Festivals are organized sporadically throughout the year. Most of them showcase international cinemas.  Different Festivals are arranged to feature divergent genres of cinema.

The film festivals organized in New York, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles and Chicago slowly gained acceptance and popularity from audience for showcasing cinemas that stay apart from the mainstream movies.

The 20th night will be the gala night, called the ‘Meme-e-Night’. It will be a member appreciation party where every member can bring one guest to see ‘Shor Se Shuruaat’. It an anthology of seven short films tied together by a single idea ‘Shor’(chaos).

Attraction of the 21st April, the Opening night is ‘The Insignificant Man’ by Vinay Shukla and Khooshboo  Ranka; it will be preceded by red carpet and followed by the opening night party.

‘The Insignificant Man’ is a documentary on Arvind Kejriwal, chief minister of Delhi and the leader of newly founded political party in India named ‘Aam Admi Party’ (Common Man’s Party). The film faced ban in India but you can watch it here. The presence of press and filmmakers will be an added attraction.

The centerpiece of the festival is the film ‘Chronicles of Hari’, the story of a ‘Yakshagana’ artist. The protagonist Hari spent his entire life portraying female characters but now he wants to lead life as a man. Watch the actor Shrunga Vasudevan beautifully portraying the nuances of Hari’s woes. The film becomes one with the crises faced by the folk artists around the world.

‘Mukti Bhavan’ (Hotel Salvation) is a surprising package of the lot. The maker Shubhashis Bhutiani received not just prestigious international acclaims but also standing ovation from the audience.

The story of ‘Mukti Bhavan’ revolves around a man ‘Daya’, who wants to die in Varanasi following old Indian Hindu belief in order to gain ‘mokshya’. However, he eventually finds new reason to live while waiting for death. The story will move you with the amazing interpretation of life and death. The funny moments will keep you glued to the film till the end.

Another interesting one is the Iran/Afgan film ‘Parting’ that is neatly woven around two lover’s tryst with destiny in finding better life by migrating.

Pawan Kripalani’s ‘Phobia’, featuring power pact performance by Radhika Apte is a heart pounding psychological thriller depicting a women suffering from agroraphobia- who later finds that she is haunted by spirits. Don’t miss it.

Other two enticers are ‘White Sun’ and ‘Cinema Travellers’ . While the first one is set on the back drop of Nepalese war, the second one is the multi awards winner story of the struggle of keeping the last travelling cinemas.

Lipstic Under my Burkha’ has garnered much attention which will be showing in the closing night. The film talks about the courage to live your dreams and desires.

The Indie Meme Festival will be showcasing these films at Regal Arbor Theatre at 9828 Great Hills in Austin.

The most exciting part of the festival is post screening audience will be given chance to interact through Q&A and Skype sessions with the visiting filmmakers and cast of each movie. It will let the churning of ideas and thoughts keep on.

Experience this fabulous 4 day gala and encourage the filmmakers who dare to think out of the box.