Kamala Harris secures key Senate assignments


Sen. Kamala Harris, the first Indian American to be elected to the U.S. Senate, has been selected to serve on four key committees. Harris – who was sworn into office Jan. 3 – released a statement Dec. 27 regarding her committee assignments.

Kamala said Monday that her committee assignments in the U.S. Senate will be “key battlegrounds” in next year’s major policy debates on Capitol Hill. The incoming freshman Democrat will serve on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee; the Select Committee on Intelligence; the Committee on Environment & Public Works; and the Committee on the Budget.

In a written statement, Harris said she believes the four committees will be tasked with examining a number of the proposals promoted by the incoming administration of Presidentelect Donald Trump.  “At a time when so many Californians and Americans are uncertain about our future, I will aggressively fight for our families and the ideals of our nation,” Harris said.

“I’m proud to have had a long career as a prosecutor protecting public safety and defending immigrants and refugees,” said Harris in a statement. “I will be on the frontline of immigration enforcement action in the Congress.”

“I will be able to put my experience as a prosecutor to work fighting for smarter approaches to intelligence and law enforcement strategies,” said Harris, noting that she focused extensively on fighting cybercrime as California’s attorney general, creating the largest “ecrime” unit in the country.